Tailor made - Dann - Danseuse, chanteuse et comédienne

Tailor made


Dann let you the opportunity to create a whole show, an act number or a tailor made performance for your event.

Even if Dann is very adaptable and work every time her show to fit your events, a tailor made creation is unrivaled because she has been created just for you and your event, your event place and your event thematic.

A tailor made performance is an original and surprising asset for your event, it’s the cherry on the cake to convert your event in an unforgettable experience.


Tailor made performance

Tailor made performance which transmit a message, a thematic, or to show a product. Theater, dance, writting, video, happening… A performance to shout the audience.

Available in individual or collective performance

  • Example of tailor made performance : “Paysages Industriels” (The performance has been entirely created by Dann for an exhibition opening of the photographer Louis Le Kim. The creation includes the video, the sound design creation, the text and his voice recording, the videoprojection, the outfit creation and the live dance performance)

Keys-in-hand performances

Dann offers a big catalog of artistic creations, don’t hesitate to browse the Artistic Performances menu to verify if there is not already a performance that fits to the thematic of your event

Especially :

Vintage, Musicals and Cabaret Shows / Latin american performances / Film making or actress skills


… and even more !

Très professionnelle et à l’écoute. Elle a créé une intervention artistique spécialement pour mon évènement, les participants ont été très réceptifs, c’était une belle soirée!

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Le Groupe des Cinq et les Les Glacières de la Banlieue ont eu le plaisir d’accueillir Dann en marge d’un vernissage et nous gardons un souvenir ému de sa prestation pleine de force et de poésie. Une grande artiste !

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I worked with Dann in 2017, on a big stage show that we organized. We invited her and her crew to our country that they haven’t been before. She is super serious about her job, really determined and passionate. Both pre-organization and on stage, everything was as we expected, even more. She is easy to communicate. For me, she is an underestimated artist who knows how to entertain people and put on a good show. I would strongly recommend organizers to work with her, you won’t regret.

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