Actress and film maker - Dann - Danseuse, chanteuse et comédienne

Actress and Film maker


Dann as a Musical artist has always associated dancing and singing with theatrical interpretation. But in a way to develop even more this artistic side, she created in 2021 a new project :

Viemotion Films

It’s a shortmovie creation duet, that she founded with Julien Gauthier (photographer and videographer). Her role is multiple : actress, but also screenwriter and movie director, stylist and also makeup and hair part.

Discover below the short movies of the duet



Short movie made in Bordeaux

In an esthetic inspired from the 50s, Viemotion Films brings you to discover Bordeaux, in a retro and fresh mood, reminding parisian spirit and especially “Amélie”.



Short movie made in Le Porge

Viemotion Films explore the poetic and romantic fantastic atmosphere with this short movie. A moony mood, intense and immersive.

A toi Art

“A toi, Art”

Short movie made in la Dune du Pilat

On a text written and read by Dann, Viemotion Films now explore the epic style, melancholy and dramatic register. An open letter to Art.



Short movie made in Merignac

Viemotion Films explore Ancient Greece, Mythology and epic and dramatic register, creating his own humble version of the Pandore Myth.


“Le Quai N°5”

Short movie made in the train station of Bordeaux

Viemotion Films explore the esthetic of perfum ads with its elegants, feminine and romantic codes. Firs time exploring the vertical format.


“Un Noël à Bordeaux”

Short movie made in Bordeaux, during Christmas period

Viemotion Films explore the feeric and poetic register to give its end of the year wishes. An other vertical format.


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